Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bowling: With Chris Soh!

Last Friday, went for another session of bowling, well this time we have a special guest who voluntarily joined us. He is Mr. Chris Soh! *claps claps*

Guess what? This time around, I played 2 rounds (unlike previously, only 1 round)... And I pwned! I don't know what happened, or how I did it, but I managed to get loads of strikes.. Trust me, I was shocked myself.. I only read a little about bowling (lol, hell yeah! "How to Bowl, for Dummies", wtf)..

Like the week before, the others are already in the mid of their first round when I joined in. Of course without me, the actions weren't that BIG.. *chewah* (self-praising makes me happy =P)

Let's see how I did it in the first round..

Woot! I'm top! muahahaha xD

Unfortunately someone wasn't happy...

Nvm, we go into second round...
Let's see how things go..

It seems the me Lameness has already
affected quite a number of people

Alan trying his best to strike them all!

Julian too!

Chris (seated right) and Alan was waiting for their turn..
So they chilled for a while..

Alright, it's finally Chris' turn to roll the ball!
He says he ain't good at it..
but I think he just didn't want to try and bowl...

Julian's turn to chill..

Me? I got greedy, lazy and
wanted to try something new...

I'm gonna bowl 2 balls at one go!!

Watch me carefully!!!

Eh where the other ball go???

Hahahaha.. Gotcha!

You didn't really think that I could bowl with 2 balls, did you?
The lady at the counter was staring at me la, for crying out loud!
How was I suppose to bowl???

I just played like normal only.. =P
Then I went around snapping some more pictures..

This was kinda hard to take...

especially when you have almost every eyes on you..

I nearly stepped on the line..
Almost caused a Fault there..
heheheh xD

It's kinda blurr, but ok lar..
*pats self on the back*

Okis We've come to end of this bowling session..
So what's second round's score??

Woah! I scored the highest again!
Wootza! lol... lucky sia..

Nways, this Friday, there'll be another bowling session..
hopefully I'll be as lucky as last Friday.. Heheheh =D


  1. gosh! i never get the chance to play bowling ever.. =(

  2. Cool ! I went to Times Square for bowling with cousins and sister. I got the lowest score (like around 50) and highest the second round with 3 strikes and spares, ended up a winner with 151 points...

    Hahahaha, such a loser me comparing my results here. Sorry =)

  3. Bena:
    awwwhh.. dun hv to be sad..
    no worriees, u'll get a chance at it later on.. just get some frenz together and bowl ur heart out.. *winks*

    awesome dude! i never actually scored higher than 100 until this game.. seriously I'm bad at it, not to mentioned I nvr gotten a strike on a pc bowling game.. LOL!

  4. wow~~ Lame King.
    I really salute you la.. can purposely do some act or pose so that you can have some interesting pictures.
    Ha ha ha!
    Really entertaining.

  5. WaiQueen:
    hahaha.. thx thx.. *bows down*..
    well it's all about entertainment..
    but glad u like it.. ^___^