Sunday, September 07, 2008

Some Random Snaps...

Having fun with my camera, when I managed to see and snap some stuffs.. I don't know how good it is, but I'm rather happy with the outcome, at least for now. =)

I love the flow of the clouds.. =P

My mum grew this, xD

The car was slow, if not it'd really look like one.
Hehehe =)

Well do give your comments on my shots, will have more later on..
Hopefully it'll be better than these..

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  1. hey.. i cant tag you. so i decided to drop u a comment. (:

    thanks for the long comment u given me a few weeks back.
    really thanks for all the advice and everything!

    you're one of the friend which i know through nuffnang yet so caring and never fails to give me comments and stuff whenever i'm upset!

    thanks alot dude! :D

    take care. (((:

  2. wow! shots like a pro! ;) good job jeff! =p

  3. Magdalene:
    Hey there! Oh something wrong with the chatbox? My apologies for that. Anyways, I'm contented that I could help out (that is, if I did help) and you're welcome for it.

    If ya need a friend, well you know there's someone extra on your list.. *wink*
    Take care!

    Thx man! *flying high in cloud 9*..