Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reunion Dinner (part I)

Last Saturday, I went for a reunion dinner to join my group of ex-classmates, at Teresa's place.. It was BBQ dinner! Wootza! Of course, we all had to chipped in for the dinner, RM15.. But that was worth it, as there was lots of food and we didn't need to pay for the rental for the compound of area that we used...

But first, on behalf of the whole gang, I would like to thank Teresa's mum because she was very kind enough to provide us with good hospitality. Not enough she did not get angry at the mess we made, she even helped us in helping up too.. Thank you Teresa's mum!

Now let's get on with the main topic. I arrived kinda late, roughly about 7pm++ because a certain accident earlier that evening. Luckily it wasn't that late, as things were merely starting off.. I guess I came in at the right time when people needed help.. I came to save the day! No... I made lots of mess actually.. Hahaha.. well that's expected from me, the TroubleMaker..

Other than making havoc, I was also the photographer for the night, in charge of taking pictures, and officially make it our first set of pictures for Reunion-Album... So little on the talk, and more of pictures ya?

*pictures may not be in order of time*

See the raw food? Not really ready yet

Pit just got FIRED up

Okies, my bad, I couldn't resist taking a nugget first..
Shhh... No one knows that! Hehehe xD

The guys were just chatting around while waiting
for the fire pit to be ready..

Okay, Now they're getting serious with it..

Told ya I was being a trouble.. hahaha xD
Okies, time to move on to another place..

Went to check on how the girls were doing..
Looks like they good at it..
Girls and kitchen.. Normal ler..

You think it was all good right??
Now here comes the bad side of things..

The guys can't even handle the sausages..

The girls.. OMGWTF.. what they do??
Okay, just kidding there..
actually this is a very old micro-oven..
yeah, the girls are good..
*smiles cheekily, and quickly runs away*

While others are working hard,

one of us is having fun at the pond? lol

This girl... well...
now there's rumors being spread around..
saying that she and I... *coughs*
well true or not,
depends on how well you know me..

Annie decides that she would like
to be credited for her hardwork..
So here you go!

Well there's actually more to this...
I would say this is only 10% of what there was..

Now some of us are already started eating..
Man I gotta get my food too...

The food must be good huh?
Looks like it's getting to their heads..


Okies I'll stop here first,
need to catch my breath...
*takes in
a deep breath*
will continue on in the next post... =D

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