Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dinner @ Feeling Cafe

Well I've been pretty bored the past few days, to my surprise, I managed to get hold of Ling, who's been busy herself. She managed to find some time to slot me into her busy schedule, even though she was tired *she's been yawning secretly, I saw that, =)*

She took me to some place in Desa Setapak, and we dined at Feeling Cafe, said to be known to most TARC-ian.. *the site's not really up yet*

So tonight I'll be sharing with you my opinion on the food and environment on it.

Ling and I ordered a few stuffs:

The Turkey Ham Spaghetti was nice..
Came out warm, and was enough as a meal..
but of course, cannot suppress my hunger..
*mind the spelling error on the picture, i was lazy to re-correct it*

Fried Dumpling was yummy..
Hot, crispy, and had enough fillings..
Worth eating..
Would order more the next time..

Mushroom Soup was dull..
I not saying it taste like the Mamak Dall..
But it was almost tasteless..
Too much water.. =(

Herb Soup was too sweet..
yeah, it was as if they poured
a lot of liquid sugar in it..
spoilt! Didn't finish it also..

If you're looking for a course meal there (without the soup),
this cafe would be fine.. The price is worth it..

Oh ya, they had quite an environment as well..

They had singers to entertain us for the night.
Wootza! How cool is that?

Next would be rather nothing to do with the food,
just us being funny and crazy after dinner..
lotsa peeps were staring,
but it didn't stop us.. =P

Ooo... Scary..


Trying to scrape my skin??

Picture says it

Guess the action!

She states!

Ling requesting for song dedication

Well that's all about the food from Feeling Cafe, don't take my words for it, you can have a try there, especially TARC-ians.

My ratings for this place:

Environment: 7
Food: 7
Services: 6
Overall: 6


  1. I've tried out this place before.
    Not that bad!
    Only the stupid shabu shabu restaurant few stores away sucked badly.

  2. It's not that bad at all..
    it's good for casual dining with friends.. ^_^

    I havent been to the shabu shabu, so no comments on that yet.. Mayb nxt time.. *wink*

  3. never knew dinner can be such an interesting blog post...lol...

  4. well.. hahaha..
    yea.. when you look at things differently, anything can be interesting.. ^___^ Hehehe xD