Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mooncake Sales @ APIIT

Well, as we all *I take that back*, as MOST of us know, Mooncake Festival aka Mid Autumn Festival aka Zhong Chow Jit (Cantonese)

These are mooncakes

APIIT's not leaving it out. The Chinese Culture Society has set up a booth. They aim to share the festive joy with the foreign students and also teach them some of our Chinese culture that has been passed down since our fore-fathers' time.

You'll see this on the left of the entrance of APIIT

Latterns hanging around with riddles for you to guess.
Guess it right, and walk home with a lattern!

Yeap, they teach you how to the Chinese make tea..
First "Zham Cha" (make tea), then "Yam Cha" (drink tea)

Joey posing in front of the booth..
Hmm.. shouldn't she be wearing some traditional clothes?

Ooo.. I just LOVE dragon symbols!

Of course, the Mooncake Festival is not just about mooncakes, it's where the childrens, during the festive time, play with latterns (or at least, they used to) and gather together with family members under the moon eating and drinking (sorry, not alcohol) together... Read more here. Man I miss those moments..

There you have it... so here I bid HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL to all my fellow friends, whether you celebrate it or not, just have fun! And try to grab some mooncakes to eat!

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