Friday, September 12, 2008

Bowling: Bend It Like Wai Hong

Today's class ended earlier, and fortunately we had an after-class plan, that is BOWLING! at Endah Parade's Bowling Center.. I hadn't gone bowling since last year.. So don't be surprise to know that I can be very sucky at it.. Besides, bowling has not been a plus point for me, I only play it for fun.. (^_^)

So headed there after lunch, and I joined in only at the second game.. Man, watching us play was fun enough, what more bowling together?

Check out the 1st Round Game:
Alan, Julian and Wai Hong

Alan doing bowling with skills

Bend it like Wai Hong

Seriously, for a beginner, Wai Hong sure knows how to bowl.. He strike so many times, and he knows how to curve the bowl like a pro.. OMG!

"I try to, but I can't bowl straight..."
That's what he said, (=.=")

We came up with an instant joke...

Satchit: Wow, the way he curve the ball damn nice..
Julian: Yaw weih.. I couldn't do that no matter how much I try to..
Satchit: See how he bend it? He "bends" it like Beckham
Julian: Yeah, but he bends it like Wai Hong..
Us: *LOL*

Then I had to come up came up with something freaking lame joke...

Jeff: Now we can finally tell Wai Hong, that he has nice CURVES..
Us: *=.="* *pause* *and then LOL*

See how randomly Lame I can be?? Wootza!

Check out the 2nd Round Game:
Alan, Jeffro, Satchit, Julian, Wai Hong

See told ya, I was gonna sux,
but a lucky Strike towards the end saves my toosh!

I even managed to grab a picture of how to get a Strike!
*thinking of publishing "Strike-it-with-1-ball 101" book.

Just shoes...

and that's that for Bowling with Us.. ^_^

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