Sunday, November 16, 2008

Serious Thought(s)

As today wasn't a good day for me, and work couldn't be done further.. I just lay around and do some of thinking of my own..

What am I doing now?
What would I be doing later?
Which one should I do first before doing the other?

Well, I know some people would tell me don't think so much, 'cause it'll just bring you a massive load of questions and no answer.. But hey, as humans, we can't run away from questions that are in regards of our future, can we?

You see, I have my plans for the future (Yesh, even people like me have plans you know).. but from what I'm seeing, I'm lacking a lot of time and effort.. Believe me it's very hard to maintain the motivation to push.. And at times like this, when I'm not able to do anything (due to weather and mood), thoughts just come into my head: Am I doing the right thing now? Am I doing the things right?

Then, slowly thoughts about the future came about..

What would I be doing in years from now?
Would I be working in the same field as I'm studying?
Would I be rich? (million dollar question ok?!)
What would it differ from now?

There's no answer to them, unless I'm God.. But it's good to have a vision, so that we could have a direction to where we wanna head to..

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