Friday, November 14, 2008

Bowling: New Characters in Town..

Oh well I believe last Friday was sort of a temporary stop for our bowling session, until after the last assignment submission (which will be in mid of December)...

So here, I introduce to you some "new" guys (well they aren't really new, but they just joined in our bowling "gang")..

First of,

We have Suresh, the newbie..

Check out his style of playing..
Just like a rawker!

Next we have Karthik..
Ermm.. Nah, he's been joining for some time now..
Sorry for the wrong info ya guys..
*buzz* NEXT!!

before that...
Look at the guys discussing their next move..
Julian now knows how to curve the ball..
O_O I still don't know how.. T_T

Alright, let's continue... the other new member is
OLY! Woohoo, cheh, he pose there..
(apologize for the dark picture)

Ermmm.. Sorry to disappoint you guys..

But Oly has been knocked out..
After two games.. he was darn exhausted..

Can you imagine this:
he says that programming is way better than bowling..
WTF kan? Potong steam la..
(potong steam here means spoil the mood)

On the other side,
Alan thought of giving it a try playing his own game..
He did better there..
And since that moment, he started dominating the lanes..

I have weird friends...
But they're cool!

Things are different now..
We got new members.. XD


  1. @Good girl: Thanks! =D
    @Anne Marie: I played.. but I couldn't possibly be taking pictures of myself while i play..

    you could check my previous bowling sessions, and u'll probably see me in one or two styles.. ^^