Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another Bowling Session..

Alright, this is seriously quite a belated post, since it took place last week Friday...


So, what's been going on? As usual, I guess other than extenuating circumstances (EC), we'll be having our bowling session routine... So what's different this week? Ahhh.. Simple, just read on, or look on...

First of all, WE decided to tag along to each other's score (Wtf)
kindly exclude the first player (Grace) in the list..

She came late...

Wore such an attractive pair of socks...
No of course it doesn't matter..
But it was something for us, to laugh at.. =)

Compared to a kid, I would say the kid played better than her..

Then Wai Hong thought he could motivate her
by provoking her..

Well it works, she did better in the 2nd round..
Some people just needs to be pushed.. =.="

On the other hand, Julian got fed up of playing the same old style..
Why? Cause he doesn't like the recent scores at the end of the game..
So, he thinks hard of another method..

He then checks the lane..
Do a little run test, predict the movement of the ball,
calculates the angle of the ball thrown,
checks for any distortion that may cause the ball
to deflect away from the original course..
He was plainly figuring out how to bowl properly...

See how he holds the ball?
That's how the roll the ball too..
Seriously he did that..
and he strike! a few times... (wtf)

And then he was showing off...

Well to end his prime time..
my friends taught him a lesson..

And shortly after that,
we all left the place..
==Bowling session ended==
Continue the next time.. (^_^)

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