Friday, November 07, 2008

Madagascar 2 Movie Screening!

Was invited for a movie screening by Anne Marie. Also thanks to Nuffnang for on it.. Well most of us know what Madagascar is all about, so we're kinda expecting it'd be the continuation..

That's partially true.. The movie really gave the audience some unexpected scenes (this is of course if you hadn't seen any trailer yet). Especially at the beginning. It was more of how the original Madagascar came about.. Cool ei?

I like this in particular.. When the plane came crashing down..
with style.. xD

These four, no matter what, still remain very close..

Of course, this cute little guy, Mort..
OMG.. I don't event know how to describe this character..
It's cute, annoying, irritating, lame, dumb...
all at the same time.. LOL

Oh yeah, the penguins are still in action..
With a little add of spice into their story..

Can't believe that this granny is back?
She's feisty, I tell you..
She can really pack a punch..

The storyline was good, kinda catchy.. Like the beginning where everyone was wondering what is happening (guessing the characters).. It was funny as well, seriously I laughed a lot when I was watching this.. XD

Can't elaborate much, as it will only give everything away.. You guys wanna know more, well just watch it then! Seriously you'll love it..!

My rating: 9.0 out of 10
for a Family Fun Movie


  1. Wow!
    U already watched that ya?


    I really want to watch it!

  2. So Happy That I watched it With You ^^ *hugs*

  3. @Zara: Yeah.. It's really nice.. Go watch it!

    @Anne: awwwh.. It's my pleasure.. *hugs*

  4. this is a cool movie. i like marty and gloria! ahahahaha! i had the toys too, from my mcdo, such a regression! lol

  5. hehehe.. I like marty too.. But prefer the penguins more.. ^^

    u have the TOYS??? dang.. ur so lucky.. if my room could accommodate extra stuffs, i'd probably get them too! *winks*

  6. sure am gonna watch this! hihihi...

  7. yea.. u should watch it soon! ^^

  8. Thanks for the review.

    The old Granny is in it!??!?! That's AWESOME!

    I can't wait to go and see it today with my family for Thanksgiving.

    Hey ... is it cool that I borrowed your pictures of the movie for my blog? I'll give you credit on my blog, of course, so everyone can come and visit you. We all love new visitors, right?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I like your blog header, too, by the way. Very clever. You seem very creative.

    p.s. I need to go and make a cheese ball now. Mmmmmmm.

  9. Done! Link to your blog is on my page today.

    (A recipe for a cheese ball is up too, if you are game to try one)

    LOL (I SO want a cheese ball.)

    Nice to meet you!


  10. @wendster: heyya.. sorry for the late reply.. Am kinda busy lately.. Thanks for the compliments.. =D

    happy thanksgiving to you too! And Ooo Oooo.. Cheese balls.. Yum Yum.. me Likey XD