Wednesday, November 05, 2008

H-Factor @ Seri Pacific Hotel

Last Sunday, am lucky to be invited by Schmae to the H-Factor workshop. Unforunately I wasn't able to come early cause I overslept and woke up only at noon..

The invitation ticket

The workshop was really fun and had lotsa laughter embedded in it. Though not all speakers were good, but they still were very funny! I LMAO there.. Harith Iskandar and Pietro can really joke!

Since I was there kinda late, so I was only able to see half the workshop.. Didn't really take many pictures as I thought only people with media passes are allowed to snap (I didn't want to be kicked out of an event, like my past experience)

Met both Aaron and David Cheong there..
Couldn't take a picture of Hsu Jen and Joshua though..

Jamie and I

2 guys, 1 gal, and 3/2 of a chair..

the crew that's been with the H-factor workshop tour..

Damn cool dancer..

3 funny people

lastly, my souveniour from H-factor..


  1. What the heck Jeff! Who gave you that whole box?!


    Haha. Thanks for coming, dear boy. :) Appreciate the support. Shall see you soon!

  2. HAhaha.. Ermm.. Some guy with the name being first on your list?? *psst... he took a box too!* *rolls eyes*

    I should be the one thanking you, for the invitation.. Was GREAT! =D
    See you soon too!

  3. seesh. told u to keep lor. why u gimme back one. now i duno what to do with it coz i dun eat it also.. -_-

  4. O_O I tot you said keep one for u.. LOL! nvm, donate it to people I guess.. or pass it around.. =)