Friday, November 14, 2008

Nuffnang's Sharing Session with KY @ Italianese (Part I)

Thanks to Nuffnang, I was given a chance to participate in the sharing session.. A plus point, it was a session with KY too! Well because I took quite a number of pictures, I have to split this up into 2 parts.. (hope you guys don't mind ya)

Let's start from the very beginning..

I was there early...

Was with dear Anne Marie until it was time
to register ourselves..

Went to the front of Italianese
and Snapped a picture of..
KY, Robb, and Chingy

Saw the guys with matching shoes..
(don't ask me what happened between the two..
I don't even wanna know)
lol.. jz kidding.. =D

Then slowly everyone started appearing..

And soon everyone was there...

From the left to the right,
every chair has butts on 'em..

Then everyone takes a look at the menu..
only to find out there's ALOT to eat
that night.. *gulps*
Hope everyone had big appetite..

Shortly after that...

I saw Yee Hou..
with an awesom T-shirt..
You know why he doens't look happy?
Well, the moment you nang this..
He'll be happy.. LOL
(Yee Hou, if you see this..
Can I huh? Can I?
pwetty pwetty pwleasse...

And NOW, food is served!

And while we were having our meals..
Some of us were busy...

Snapping pictures of others..

Snapping picture of food

Playing with bread?

Continue in Part II of Sharing Session


  1. No cannot.

    Go away bye cut your ads!

  2. T_T can la can la..
    Sharing is caring ma... =P

    btw.. i forgot how to remove..
    so cannot cut ads.. xD