Monday, November 17, 2008


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First Name : Jeffrey
Nickname: Jeffro
Birthday: August 11
Birthplace: Hospital Sentul
Time of Birth: Don't know (lazy to ask my mum)
Zodiac Sign: Leo (ROAR~!)

-This or That-

Flower or Chocolate: Chocolate
Pepsi or Coke: Both? (got that much difference in taste?)
Pop or Rock: Pop
Relationship or One Night Stand: Relationship =D
School or Work: Work
Love or Money: Both.. It's inter-related
Movies or Music: Music (I hear it everyday ma)
Country or City: City
Sunny days or Rainy days: Rainy days (without the lightning/thunder)
Friends or Family: Both~!

-Have you ever-

Smoked: nope =D
Broke someone’s heart: Yeah.. *Sorry =(*
Had your heart broken: A number of times..
Wish you were a prince/princess: Rich prince? yeah!
Liked someone who was taken: not liked.. Loved..
Shaved your head: nope
Been in love: yeaps.. I'm pretty sure I am..
Used chopsticks: Can use with both hands baybeh!
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Ooo.. I like mirrors! =D


Candy: Once in a while..
Song: Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight
Scent: Something nice..
Musical Instrument: Accapella, Guitar, Piano
Movie: Comedies, Comic-based, Science Fiction, Action Packed, Romance
Actor/Actress: Non specifically.
Junk food: Hahaha.. Love 'em.. Just had Big Apple's Donuts for supper..
Animal: Hamsters
Ever cried over someone: yeah... =(
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: yesh.. but it's a long list..
Do you think you’re attractive: not really, but am trying to be.. =)
You had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: Alladin xD
You play any sports: Used to play basketball, badminton, sprinting, and more.. But now, it's all virtual sports.. CS is my primary sport, Dota comes in second.. =D

-(8) random facts about yourself-

1. People say I'm vain, I admit.
2. Likes working rather than studying.
3. Is allergic to hot weather =(
4. Is able to mimic dance moves, slang, and gestures..
5. Loves listening to sentimental and soothing songs..
6. Needs friends in order to move on..
7. Can be a very mean/serious/emo person some times (rarely)
8. Been very lucky and happy recently =D


  1. Still CS meh... should try call of duty ady :D

  2. @Alex: I old school ma.. plus cant play COD4, lag like mad on my pc.. T_T

  3. hi nice blog!! please visit my blog gulfi.

  4. @Bheema: yea.. thx for the compliments..