Monday, December 05, 2011

Best Pickup Line For A Guy With Confidence

Want to try something different for a change, when it comes to smooth talking? This is only for the cool and confident cats, because if you put it wrongly, you may just quite lose the chance even before you finish it up!

Use this at your own discretion.

You can start off with "May I have your name, my lady?"
If you don't get one, then follow up with the next phrase and a confident smile;
"Perhaps angels don't need names, only beautiful face and I'm truly blessed to have met an angel."

Try this! And do let me know how it went for you =D


  1. haha...that's a good try. let me ask my male pals if they have tried it.

  2. @missyblurkit:
    You should! =P If it works for them, do let me know =) Hehehe