Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comic Fiesta @ KLCC Convention Centre

Found out about the Comic Fiesta somewhat a couple of weeks ago, which excites me a lot! Honestly, I’ve been hearing about it here and there, but I’ve never been to it. Always wondering what it’s like there, I mean the atmosphere.. watching people play their favorite comic characters, cosplay, etc. Yeah, I’ve seen in pictures, but not in person = not real.

So, with some “encouragement” from a couple of friends, I decided to take a trip down to KLCCCC (KLCC Convention Centre, *OMGosh so many Cs*) to meet up with a friend who told me she’ll be cosplaying there. Hahaha, like any other guy, I’d definitely be interested in seeing a sexy character =P But, I managed to meet up with Justin and Stephanie there too! Awesome, no? Anyways, I only managed to grab a few shots. I didn’t actually go into the place, ‘cause it was really crowded, and I’m not the type that likes to be in a long queue unless it’s REALLY, REALLY something good! (in which, the last I did for AAR’s concert, I wasn’t too proud of it)

DSC_2497 copyDSC_2500 copyDSC_2501 copy

That’s my friend there, Cheng Yu.
She’s a pretty one, ain’t she? =)
You’d probably seen her, if you were there.

DSC_2511 copyDSC_2505 copy
DSC_2504 copyDSC_2509 copy

Here’s some other shots I took outside of the halls.
Like I mentioned, I didn’t go in…
Justin’s friend, Azman, who works in the hall, at one of the booths,
said that it’s really cramp inside there – “TOO MANY HUMANS”, lol!

So yeah, after that, I head home..

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