Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Watch A Movie, Ride A Bike..

Thanks to Diese (pronounce: D-C) who helped to organize a movie outing with her sisters and AaronWooLaLa, last night, to watch the infamous Sherlock Holmes! (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows).

Have you noticed this feedback panel?
I just did, and I gave them a =) because of their pricing, service and upkeep of the cinema!
Not to mention, it's a pretty convenient place to reach, and there's ample parking each time I go there!
A group shot!
but kinda failed.. I need to brush up on my camwhoring skills!
(no you did not just see the double-chin, it's just your illusion =P)
Only 4 tickets were purchased even though there were 5 of us...
'Cause Diese had watched it "accidentally" a few days back (=.=")
Here's a clear shot of 4 of us =D
the fifth one was holding the camera, duh~!
A shot of Diese and Me.. and the Christmas Tree =)

The movie was brilliant and epic! Unexpected scenes throughout the entire show! I think it's one of the best around =D Definitely, no spoilers here, but I can say this, BE PREPARED TO LAUGH FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END! (Seriously, if you don't have to laugh even one bit, something's wrong with you!)

My rating for this AWESOME movie is 9/10.
As compared to the earlier sequel, this removes the element of thinking, but placed more action and exhilarating scenes instead. Some parts were overly used, but you wouldn't notice that unless you pay attention to details rather than the overall of the show. I would say it is a MUST-WATCH movie.. and will be great to have a copy at home!

After the movie, we went to check out Aaron's big-bad-ass bike! The largest  250cc Kawasaki bike there is available in the market. Sounds great, feels great, you'd be great to own it! =P So what do you do when you have a camera on hand and a nice ride in front of you? Duh, camwhore la!

Diese on the bike!
She used to rampage the streets in Penang, made known as the PenangKnight!
(just kidding~!)

Aaron gave us a chance to ride his bike...
but neither Diese nor me, had the confidence of doing it..

So I just act #likeaboss there!

Aaron says, "With a bike like this, who needs a car?"
and continued, "Cars will be following me instead!"
True that, this bike knocks up speed faster than a car.
Quicker & Swifter too, with Style! hahaha..

(Damn good advertising for this bike, LOL!)

Last shot of Diese on the bike, before we headed home
It was getting late anyways.

(You did not notice the shoes there, and don't ask why =P)

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