Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Leaving A Legacy Behind

Have you thought of what would be for you, at the end of the day? What would have achieved by then? How would you like others to see you as?

I know these are deep questions, but I believe they are the good type of deep. The reason why I have these questions is because I came to realize that whatever I am doing now, will be reflected in the future and they affect how others think of me. Some people may not be bothered about it now, but really, when the time comes they'll understand what I'm talking about. Imagine 10-20 years from now, what would you want your kid, family and friends to see you as? I would definitely want to be their hero! I wish to be their inspiration and also role model as a living example of someone who is able to fulfil his promises and achieve his defined targets. Someone respectable. The legacy of Jeffro!

Why this is crucial? Because at the end or towards the end of my life, I want to be remembered by others. I may suffer from Alzheimer, Amnesia, or the other type of memory-depreciating diseases, but what's important to me, is that others would remember me for what I've accomplished, the difference I made, the smiles and laughter I created, the lives I've impacted and the inspiration to others that I've become.

What would your legacy be?
How would you like it to be?

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