Monday, December 12, 2011

Fantastic Outing with The Ladies

Had a fantastic and fabulous Sunday, thanks to two lady friends of mine, Stephanie & Adeline! Honestly, we’ve been planning an outing together since like forever ago! Well, a plan was nearly realized about a week or two ago. BUT, plans don’t ever work out the way you want to right? So, we improvise on the spot. Just a day before out splendid outing, we were wondering what movie to catch and what to do… Apparently, each of us had watched a certain movie already, and didn’t want to do it the second time. So quick thinking happened! Suggested we just meet up first before thinking any further =P And, well check out below to know what goes around =D

DSC_2460 copyDSC_2443 copyDSC_2467 copy

DSC_2462 copy
Random shots while awaiting Miss Adeline to pop up!

We took a couple of snap shots before Miss Adeline arrives. There were some pretty cool decorations in Pavillion, KL. Not to mention some United Teddy exhibition at the front of Pavillion’s entrance. Didn’t have a picture of it, because I didn’t manage to capture a proper shot (no good angles for me, I guess).

The moment Adeline touch down, we went immediately to GSC to check out what there is to watch. Well, every other movie was either bad timing, or we had each watch some of them. Then, we stumble upon a movie which I just had to watch it, since I had seen “Nasi Lemak 2.0”; though this time around the seats weren’t the best.

DSC_2470 copy12122011305 copy
3rd row from the front, 3 of us were watching Petaling Street Warriors!
A Must Watch Movie, for great laughter!

After the movies, we went to grab a bite at food court. Boy, was it packed with people! We managed to get ourselves a box J-Co’s with minimal waiting time, but we couldn’t find a seat nearby. So, we walked around and found ourselves a table in the middle of the food court.

DSC_2475 copyDSC_2476 copy

DSC_2478 copyDSC_2479 copy
We had a scrumptious bite, and some great catch up!
We were practically laughing the whole time =D

DSC_2485 copyDSC_2484 copy

DSC_2483 copy
Then of course, the ladies need to camwhore =P

We were chatting away for about 2 hours, over only a box of J-Co’s, LOL! It was about 8pm that we decided to call it in a day, and head home. Time flies so fast, that Adeline was surprised we had sat down and laughed away for 2 hours!

DSC_2488 copy
On the way, we heard caroling from the concourse of Pavillion.
They were good, but the clear jingle ball were better =P
We couldn’t resist getting a final shot!

So we all parted; While Adeline decides to take the monorail, Stephanie and I decided to walk back to the Rapid KL Hang Tuah LRT station, which isn’t too far from Pavillion. Probably 10 minutes or so? But we went detouring around, and we saw something which reminded us of Adeline!

DSC_2492 copy
Coincidence? or was it a sign? =P

Well, that’s about all on my Sunday. How about yours? Share with me on your Sunday adventure!

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