Monday, December 26, 2011

A Day at The Mines

Went there in search of a location to reload my Touch 'N' Go card with Amex, however, to my disappointment, they did not have the service to even begin with - They only accept cash! =(

So, I went walking around since I was already in the mall itself. Didn't want to waste my trip there, I decide to see what's happening in the mall. I saw a bookshop had its book on sale, but to my very surprise, it was a very unexpected atmosphere there...

80% Discount!
The shelves look so messy! (@_@")

Check out the place yo! Nearly racked out!

I'm not sure if the above is something good or bad, but my best guess would be that they're gonna close down. Anyways, let's  take a look at something more cheerful, shall we?

I saw a bunch of carollers walking / pacing around...

I followed them, and then I saw this!! (O_O")  

They sang in a large congregation!
It was amazing!!

Quickly, I grab myself a box of cheesy wedges,
and enjoyed the show!



And that's my day at Mines..
(it was a few days back actually)

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