Monday, December 05, 2011

Project HeartFeasts

Hi Everyone!

Jeffro *points to me* was invited to be part of a history-in-making, called Project HeartFeasts. HeartFeasts aims to build up a sanctuary for lost children (from broken home or busy family) which provides them a brilliant environment close to mother nature.

The sanctuary, which is currently in construction (about halfway complete), is located in rural side of Selayang, where it is surrounded by forest and fruit trees, waterfall and also farm animals such as goats, turkeys, and chickens. HeartFeasts may not be luxurious like those of day care, pre-school, private school centers, but it is the best place for any child to grow and familiarize themselves with nature, allowing them to appreciate better, grow healthier, and think greener!

So I'm calling out to anyone who is able to contribute your time and effort/energy in the following areas:

  • Labor works - Let's do some physical exercise! Don't worry, most of the heavy lifting are done in the early stages; now it's more towards arranging materials and relocating resources...
  • Publicity - We need all the help we can get to promote the place, in order to create awareness and attraction for the upcoming sanctuary! Bloggers, photographers, writers... you're more than welcome to join us in the making of a history! Not to mention, you'll be part of the history and credits will definitely be given.
  • Fundraising - Gotta get some financial support for the construction as well as providing food to the helpers =) We know there's no such thing as a free meal, what more free charitable works? With some support, we can provide the helpers good meals to energize themselves in the midst their works.
  • Spreading the good word! Do help to ask around if anyone's willing to help out and be part of an awesome history! =D

How does HeartFeasts sound to you now? This might just be your legacy and something you can share with your friends, family, and perhaps children someday... I'll be heading down there to help out a little on the publicity side. Who'll be joining me? You can contact me by:
HP: +6016 620 6183

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