Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dental Surgery… Better Now than Later!

So, 13 Dec 2011 (13/12/11) marks a special day. It’s a day where I’ve got a mix of feelings running through my mind, body and especially on my mouth – Pain, Relief, Sore, Numbness, Swelling, Unease, Happy, Satisfied, etc.

Stepped into the dental clinic first thing in the morning, prepared myself mentally, told myself to be brave (yea, so I’m afraid of the dentist… Don’t judge me!) but it didn’t turn out quite as plan. Didn’t know the after effects / post-surgery would be so darn uncomfortable!

I had to extract 2 wisdom teeth, because both are impacting the others and causing my inconveniences during my meals. Oh, let’s not forget the occasional ulcer caused by the grinding of abnormal wisdom teeth against the inner cheek flesh. I requested for sedation (knock out gas/shot) but was told that it can only be done at hospital; At the clinic, I can only get anesthetic shots to my mouth. I’ve got no other choice, so I braved up and went ahead with it.

The first tooth was extracted and boy, it felt easy at first. Then, slowly came in the pain crawling into the lower part of my jaws. But thanks for the shots earlier, I could only feel 10% or lesser. Good? Well, think again… My second tooth was the one that gave most problem. In fact, the dental surgeon took longer time at the second one. Apparently, I had be to be given numerous shots, as they weren’t really that effective against the actual pain… Or I just happen to have inconveniently darn good nerves… Hahaha..

13122011308 copy
This is the first wisdom tooth out; See the curvy root?
Didn’t get the shot of the 2nd one, cause my mind was clouded with numbness
from my lower jaw, at the same time, pain was slowly kicking in…

Throughout the whole process, I only shed 2 tears!
And I slot in some jokes with the surgeon and nurse in between, #likeaboss

13122011310 copy13122011312 copy
I got back, and immediately take a nap..
The surgery is really tiring..
[Left] That’s me with an ice pack on the more swollen cheek
[Right] Hours later, the swell worsen! I look chubby!! (>_<”)

14122011313 copy
So, here’s the 2 extracted wisdom teeth…
They are huge! And to think they were 70% buried in my gums previously…

Well, my dental surgery sorta went well. I’m on pain killers right now, I stop using the gauze ‘cause they were very uncomfortable. Plus, the bleeding kinda slowed down, so it’s alright =D Anyways, the damager to my wallet was exactly RM2,000 (my hard earned money just went to my tooth, I hope tooth fairy will compensate me well for the good looking teeth there =P). Dental care don’t come cheap!

So lesson learnt very, very well!
Freaking take care of your teeth now,
Else, pain will come in various ways..
(Wallet, Teeth, Jaw, Mind, etc.)


  1. LOL... YEAYSSSS! You did it! =)

    lol, I did not shed a single tear, guess it's true women can take pain better, that's why we're endowed with the mission to deliver life! XD

  2. @Pauline:
    I gotta hand it to you, you're strong lady! No doubt, that's the only reason why women are endowed with the blessings.. I must admit I have terrible fright of dentist, what more dental surgery... I'm very thankful to have survived it >_<" At least I didn't faint =P

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  4. @Mohammad Ahad:

    Thanks bro! =) Glad you like it!

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