Sunday, December 25, 2011


This message goes out to all my friends, yet-to-be-friends and the people around me:

MERRY CHRISTMAS! May you have an awesome time in this blessed time as we celebrate the ending of a great year, and to welcome the arrival of a fabulous new year! If you've got something left to do in 2011 (something you've not marked off your to-do-list-2011), then get started before 2012 comes and it's only 1 week or less away!

This year, I did (and I'm doing) something different - rather than the conventional text messages I send out or the Facebook / Twitter updates that I post, I make random personal calls to the people on my list! Though, I've not been able to call everyone, but I made the effort to do so - Some had changed their numbers (OMGosh, that shows how long I've been out of touch), some did not pick up my calls (busy partying?), and some turned off their phones (early to bed?). Oh well...

No matter what, I just love the moments over phone calls where I can hear the laughter and enjoy the conversation (though short ones) with my friends. I think this is the best X'mas ever!

P.s: No, I won't be posting up who or how many I called. Whoever I didn't manage to get hold off, don't get upset. You're not forgotten, I can assure you that =)

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