Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dental Surgery: After-Effects!!

Though I posted previously about my dental surgery I had last Tuesday, on Blog, Facebook, and Twitter, there are some people who still don’t believe that dental surgery would cause bad swelling on the jaw and it can last for days. So, I’d figured it’s best to SHOW that it’s indeed a fact and not a made-up story. It’s a #truestory!

This is how I look like at the 4th day after the surgery.
16122011317 copy
hahaha kidding!
That’s actually how I look like when someone I told about my swelling,
and yet that someone ask me to go PARTY and MAKAN…

16122011316 copy
This is how I actually look like AFTER the SURGERY…
Taken on the 4th day…
Those who knows me, well I ain’t that chubby on the cheeks..
(Nope, did not photoshop the swelling~ =.=”)
16122011319 copy
Went out to do usual grocery shopping, errand-running, delivery and yumcha..
And I can find people staring at me… because when I talk I had to slur a little...
I don’t mind the intention, if I were in a normal condition..
but c’mon people! give me a break!

So that’s the AFTER-EFFECTS of dental surgery.
(oh, actually it’s a rather good thing, I kinda slim down a little – lost weight
and I know how I looked like if I were a little chubby on the cheeks, LOL)


  1. ngehehehehehehe gomen lahhhhh :P Your face so square now..

  2. @stephy-nie:
    Though you're one of them, but wasnt referring to you. There was another person who called me up and then it happened =.="

  3. It is completely true. Exactly same expression are found on every one's face after dental surgery.
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