Sunday, August 31, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 08 (MIFC) @ Putrajaya - Part II

Continuation from Part I

So in the evening, after planting our tripods at our strategic positions and adjusting the configurations of the cameras, we chilled. Nothing much to do, and it was soon turning dark. We saw more and more people arriving at our spot.

ChungLern with his spot

Schmae telling me her D40 rawks!
It does... =)

They went for a short walk, at the same time,
taking some stuffs from the car

Man, this pose just tells you how sweet they are..

Ok.. chill chill.. but O.M.G.
The tripod is eff-ing Cute weih!
I want oso!

Then it started turning dark, and soon we saw flashes from people's camera randomly here and there. I damn PAISEH lor, as I recall one incident. I swear IT WAS RANDOM, and it sounded silly, yesh I know, I'm L.A.M.E

*5 Flashes directly at me*
Me: OMG!! I'm blinded!! Red-eye Removal Flash...
Everyone: *LOL @ me*
Me: *paiseh*

See what I mean? I think Lameness was a nature gift to me. Well at least, people were happy and laughing at me. No harm at all. *winks* I pandai cover up kan?

Then the finale of MIFC kicked off, and it lasted 28 mins. Most of us were snapping at every moment of it, in hopes of getting great shots as memorable pictures. I volunteered to record it down with my camera (yesh, it's a camcorder as well).

Courtesy of Schmae =)

What I took..
I know it wasn't really that nice.
But gimme a break,
my first time.. LOL

Gimme another break k?
My second time..

After the event, we packed our stuffs and left the place to a mamak stall nearby Steph's place. On the way out, met some guys, whom I've been seeing quite frequently for most events, withouth planning that. Check out the BOMB which I laid upon them.

from my Random Things

At the mamak

This is a candid shot...
Okies, after this I'd better be running..
Steph's gonna KILL ME!

Okay, it didn't worked out for Aaron,
See Schmae's Killer look?
quoted from: Jeff's Dunham's Achmed the Terrorist.

Aaron Smiling Cheekily..
Schmae tak sukak ady..

LOL! The above 3 pictures/stouwies, I create one..
Not real at all...
Now you know how paparazzi's work,
they candid people, and tell you a whole new story..

HOWEVER, to my misery and despair...
when I got home OMFGWTF-SIA the video was corrupted, and to make things worse, my panaromic pictures "died" as well. OH F***, Oh S***! Profanity has gained its censorship here. But I was damn pissed about it. Couldn't really sleep thinking about it, and it gotten me emo all night.

See la, mau transfer oso cannot =(

I rant about it to Schmae and Aaron, who happened to be online. They're really nice, telling me that it's ok, and helping me to cool off. I even managed to crack a joke, signifying that I was okay. Wanna hear it? Even if you duwanna hear, you'll be reading it!
muahahahaha *winks*

Shorten Conversation of me and Schmae:
Schmae: O_o
Me: My pictures (some) got CORRUPTED!!
Schmae: WHYYY
Me: Even the vid of the fireworks pun takda!!
Schmae: !!!! HOW COMEEE
Me:ZOMG!!! DUNNO... *sad* I'm pissed
Schmae: =( I know you are
Me: I having cold war wif my camera now..

Me:I'm not gonna give it new batteries.. Pffft!
Schmae: hahahahahahahha
Schmae: omg so funny but so poor thing at the same time

Well that's how I NORMALLY turn things around, so that others wouldn't be drowned with my emo-ness. So that's all from MIFC 08 post. It's long, I know. But I like it!


  1. go see fireworks also din ajak me?! So video corrupted mean no video to see? LMAO! hehe.... memory card ada problem :D

  2. That's one of the good things about you.
    Sometimes I wish I can be just as lame as you too~

    "Keep up the lameness" I guess?

  3. Alex:
    i was invited to go..
    plus i wasnt driving..

    Schmae ajak me to go along ma..
    no wor, not memory card problem..
    other video that i took at home, can see.. only the ones from the MIFC tak boleh.. damn blardie bias sia..

    LOL.. what's good? the lameness?
    hahahaha.. well u can be, if you want to, all u gotta do is be a muka tembok like me.. then sure lameness can come..

    hahahaha.. thx, i will! ^_^

  4. I am talking about the "you won't drown others with your emo-ness" part lah~

  5. LOL.. oh thx thx.. Hehehe..
    *hugs* thx for the compliments..

  6. Hello bro. nice pics,what cam ur using urself?

    I particularly like the one that schmae took..exposure ngam ngam..taken with tripod?

    not common to find a cute girl this interested in photography! does she have a blog? *hint hint*

  7. Evo:

    hahaha.. i got nice pics?
    lol compared to the others there, mine was nothing.. u should see theirs, and u'd be amazed!

    schmae took lotsa pics wif tripod.. this was one of her good ones.. (yet she complains its not nice)

    u can get her link from my previous post, or my friend's list.. it's there..