Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bowling: Wai Hong's Birthday!

On the 26th September 2008 (last Friday actually), it was Wai Hong's birthday.. But, like any previous Fridays, any plans on that day would include our casual Bowling session... However that Friday we had lotsa extras.. and most of us (some had to go back early, T_T) all headed to Mid Valley to meet with more extras.. and of course to have dinner and catch a movie together... I'll let my pictures tell you the story, and I'll narrate them.. =P

Bowling Session:

Well, needless to say.. I simply Rawk!
although the scores thereafter have been
really disappointing..
Round 1: good
Round 2: bad

Round 3: worse + nearly sprain my hand.. T_T

This would the first time you see me with
a proper bowling stance.. FINALLY!

In this picture, you'll be seeing the first 2 extras..
One extreme left, the other one front left

The guys who happen to wear
the clothes of the same color

Believe it or not,
she HAS NEVER played bowling before..

Wai Hong teaching Missy Grace how to bowl..
but before that, there was 1 question that makes
anyone at all, roll eyes.. O_O

Grace: Eh, which hand do I use? Wai Hong & Me: *slaps own head*

seriously I had nothing better to do.. =D

At Mid Valley, waiting for others:

Pictures says it..

Michelle self-service with my camera...

Where is she?
In a queue to use the ATM,
Cos she no MONEY..

Cake spotted!

Yuan Suan and her Friend, Jamie..

Dinner Time!

Man it was hard trying to fit 3 heads into 1 picture..
I got short hands.. T_T

here's one part of the group

here's the other part of the group..
*dang still left out a person*

One more time..
ahhh.. finally she's in.. ^__^

What we had to go through..

Okis Time for the Birthday Cake to show up!

Wai Hong cutting his cake..

Get ready, he's gonna try eating it all
in 1 GULP!

Attempt failed..
but he did finished up that piece of cake though..


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