Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Don't you just love halloween? I know I do!! Seriously, I've never been to any halloween party, and I mean NEVAH.. Been watching Halloween movies and hear how others had fun celebrating Halloween - doing the TRICK or TREAT!... Man I was really envious of them.. But Lucky me, this time around Nuffnang opens up an opportunity for us bloggers to SCARE THE HECK out of others, and BRING in THE FUN!

Ooo Silent Party?? What's so special about it?? Well well, with Nokia, the official sponsor, and Universal Music Malaysia, the official music sponsor... ANYONE can PARTY,SCARE and GROOVE along with the music loaded into each one's mobile phones...

In short, people are gonna attend a party and being "silent" at the same time! Awesome ei?? Okay to pump up the excitement, there's PRIZES to win.. such as Nokia 5220 XpressMusic, Nokia 5320 XpressMusic and others.. Wootza!

Here's something inspired by Nokia+Nuffnang+friends...

Was walking all alone...

Suddenly a freaking Zombie appeared from behind..
It wants to EAT me!

being a ..
human being,

I was scared the shiit out seeing a Zombie!

I took out the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic..
hoping that it'll take it and go away..

It worked!
Mr Zombie loves it! Mr Zombie enjoys it..

Halloween has never been better
without NOKIA..


Honestly I'm FREAKING excited about it... but at the same time, kinda worried... Worried about what?? Well...

I have no halloween costume...
Plus, I have no idea what to dress T_T...

Who knows where I can get/borrow some awesome-looking-and-scary-shiit-also clothes? Can anyone help me?? *pweetty please, with cherries on top*


  1. Creative and original! Good one, Jeff! :)

  2. Thx! Hehehe.. Got the idea from partially from u oso.. ^_^

  3. Gosh!
    You've scared me...
    kekekz... Cool post!!!!

  4. nice one! i like nokia xpressmusic too! too bad i can't afford to get one yet. :(

  5. yeah... same here! =(
    *pats our back* nvm, maybe in the future we'll get one for ourselves.. ^_^

  6. LOL at this post. It was good. And just like you, I've never been to any halloween party, never tried trick or treating, never wore any costume, at all! And yeah, I've always wished I was a kid again and experience those. LOL. But just like you, I think I'll be attending a party this year, nothing big like what you're going to attend to but I'm sure it'll be fun...

  7. Haha.. Then I guess we're the same! Kewl! Let's hope we'll have a blast this time around! *Winks*