Monday, October 06, 2008

Flowery Pichas..

Well, the following pictures are taken during a raya visit.
Hope yal enjoy the pictures.
Comments/feedbacks are welcome. =)

it wouldn't be nice if there isn't a picture of me,
would it? *chuckles*

Just for fun..

Ohh kaay, dark clouds signifying it's time to go back..



  1. Wow! Do you own a dSLR? I would like to hav eone someday when I get buckets of money. haha. If I had one, I would probably be crazy for phtography...

  2. Nope.. I have a semi pro instead..
    dSLR's just over the budget for me.. T_T

    well Jowell, photography doesnt necessarily means starting from dSLR.. in fact, most of my friends started off with mini compact cameras, just like me.. ^_^ *winks*