Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hennessy Artistry '08

I was invited to the Hennessy Artistry '08 by Celine. Yeap, I know, I am one lucky dude! I was indeed very excited too! Well it's my first event-attending for Hennessy's...

This is how the outside looked before 9pm..
Seriously there were so many people..
By 10pm, the place was over-flooded with humans..

Registration took quite a while though..
But once done, it's a great relieve..
I was scared I couldn't enter..
Why? Simply cause I was underage..
and someone told me that there's an age limit..

Yeahh... Nooo..
Yeahh, it's the brand that we're gonna have..
Nooo, it's only for display.. We're not touching that..

Doing the Karen Cheng..
Seriously I envy how Karen does her's so well..

The stage where all the invited artists are gonna perform

Now THIS is what we're gonna be having!

Went back out just to see more people arriving..
More photographers, cameras, flashes!
*flash flash, eyes becomes O_O*

Artists to expect:
Until June, The Dey and Shayne Ward

There's a DJ's Booth at the front..
I was the VIP DJ of the night..
hahaha.. NOT! just kidding..
Well, I had my part of fun too!

Met Joshua there!

I wanna CamHo too!

Meet my new friend, Patrick

And also three other new friends,
Florian, Sasha, and Robert.

They weren't that great..
but heck, it's individual's preference right?

And the artist that most of the girls
were waiting for!

Envious, girls?
She's just a dancer only.. don't worry..

man it is hard to get them in one place!

Lucky shot that turned out alright..

Enough of Shayne,
time to give the guitarist some credits too..
Good play.. *claps*

Aite, That's the end of the night..
of course I wouldn't be showing you,
the part where we drank like crazy,
and nearly ....

Okies, I'll stop here..

That's all for Hennesy Artistry '08


  1. whoah!!!!!!!!!! you're so lucky! i wonder when i get invited to such an event...

  2. hahaha.. well i guess so..
    i'm grateful for that invitation..
    i got to know new friends.. ^_^

  3. Wow! Were you on a redcarpte!?!?! That's my dream!!! hahaha. Hey, I don't know if you remeber me but I offered an ex-link before. Are you still up for it? I added you already... Comment on my latest post for your reply...

  4. hey there jowell..
    haha.. red carpet..
    well, more or less, except minus the part where people screaming out my name.. lol!

    yeah i still remember that..
    i haven't added u, have i?
    sorry abt tat.. will link u up shortly..