Friday, October 24, 2008


I find kinda hard to sleep lately without having to bother about the next day's agenda. Seriously I've lots to cope up with, especially amongst my friend. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but ya know, sometimes people like me just like to rant about it.. Hehehe =P

So what's helping me to sleep easily and comfty recently..? Well, my "buddies".. Tell ya, it's not simple keeping them around.. Someone's bound to take them away from me.. *stares at mum and sis* *ROAARRR!!* "They're mine, I tell you!!!"

LoL.. Kidding! But the part where they take away my buddies is true.. =P

Sorry to disappoint some of ya.. Of course I won't be revealing myself with them, this time, yal gotta use ya imagination.. Errmm.. Then again, DON'T IMAGINE anything.. Skip it..

Talking about them, I can almost hear them calling for me.. *yawn* Aite, seriously I need to get some shut eye now..



  1. silly! Your the first guy I know who loves pillows..hahha! that must be comfy! I love pillows too...hubby don't like to have them around our bed..hehe! Is that picachu or pooh?

  2. hahaha.. reli? I tot there were lotsa guys who likes pillows.. Yeap! Comfty indeed (only when that many pillows are around)

    awwhh.. he doesn't like them around? taking up the space? well it's neither pikachu nor pooh, it's just a random smiley.. ^_^

  3. hi.haha! u shud talk more about the pillow types n etc. :)

  4. lol... i'd like to, but that'll sound weird..
    as lotsa ppl are telling me they feel awkward.. O_O

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  6. Wow.... I thought I have a lot of pillows but you have more pillows than me....
    I lost.

  7. hahaha.. wuish.. ^_^
    actually I have many more pillow than that.. Hehehe xD