Monday, October 13, 2008

Went to Low Yat

Last Wednesday I headed down to Low Yat for the same reason I did the last time.. Fortunately this time, I headed straight to their headquarter office.. (the name will not be mentioned due to intellectual rights)

On the way, I happen to see a guy playing the er-hu on the streets.. He played well, and earned quite a lot.. Hmm, I should try playing some instruments on the streets to earn some pocket money too, lol. But then again, I'm only afraid that I'd be earning some punches instead... hahaha..

Went back to the shop that sold me the memory card, and was told that the service centre has been closed for some unrevealed reasons and that I should head to the headquarters building next door. So I went there, only to find out that the lift is broken.. *sigh* What a bad day...

I thought I could get an instant replacement since it was still under warranty, unfortunately that's not the case. In fact, according to their PROCEDURAL system, I've to wait for a week before getting my stuff changed..

Then for no reason, I decided to linger around Times Square (just opposite of Low Yat). Actually I didn't want to go back so early, because I had to rely on public transportation (and we all know how "good" our public transports are). However, I knew that my mum would be free after working hours, so I thought I'd hanged around until it was time to take a free ride.. *winks* (I know I'm lame, =P)

Went into Borders,
grab a random book..
actually I was attracted to the picture..
(I know I'm still behaving like a kid.. Hehehe)

it's good FOOD for such a warm weather...

The so-called largest indoor theme park in Malaysia,
seems so EMPTY, not today,
but almost every time that I'm there..
Maybe it's just me.. =P

After a while, I got bored of Times Square so I headed back to Low Yat.. I prefer to be surrounded by gadgets that I can't afford to buy, but love to see.. rather than things I can buy, but can't afford to see.. hahaha.. I know, I know.. I'm W.E.I.R.D.

Got attracted by this SanDisk Promotional thingy..
There was some sort of game..
Thought I'd give it a try..

It was a Mix and Match game:
Mix 7 pictures with the 7 statements correctly
and Win a 8Gb SanDisk: Cruzer Pendrive

Tell you the truth,
I was distracted by the lady,
She kept smiling and blinking her eye..
I thought there was something wrong with me..
However, due to my unknown-HIGH-intelligence,
I won myself the first prize easily..
*it's just a way of flattering myself*
*Pats self on the back*

And then it was time to head home with the free ride..


  1. hahaha, i think da gal is interested in u ler...or she saw u with big camera tot u will wan to snap her pics hahha..jeff kembang dy

  2. hahaha.. i wish! she's not too bad looking.. LOL!
    btw, i dun think she would be interested in my cam..
    there were many others that were bigger than mine.. hahaha.. me kembang?? *shhhh* dun say out so loud la.. MUAHAHAHA

  3. your ice-cream is melting lo~

  4. haha.. yeah, u noticed that too?? ^_^
    actually it is.. =P