Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm so Wanted!

In case, if you guys don't know what Friends-For-Sale (FFS) is about, well it's an application on Facebook.com where you get to buy & sell your friends as pets (through Facebook only) and raise their value..

So a few days ago, Queen told me that she'd dropped my net worth by to its original, FFS $500, and today, woahlah, I found myself worth more than FFS $500,000.. *touched*

Thanks guys! *hugs*

Well, I know to some of you, it's rather silly, childish, or however you want to put it, but c'mon can a guy feel happy about it? It may not mean much to others, but it does mean something to me.. =P

I feel so wanted!


  1. ha ha ha~ I can't believe you post about this.

  2. Hehehe.. Sure must post about it..
    *winks* Thank you!

  3. Hahaha

    This looks interesting! How does it work?

    I mean...how do they tell how "worhy you are?"

  4. Well it's very simple, just buy and sell.. if you want your value to go up, ask ur peers to buy ya, the more people buying you, the higher your value is..

  5. Wooww...
    My master is so 'wanted' and I am proud of him.. haha..
    Kaya d!


  6. Hehehe.. Thanks Curry.. *Winks* =D