Sunday, October 05, 2008

Raya Visit @ Serendah

Yesterday, my family and I paid a Hari Raya visit to a friend of my mum's at Serendah (a town which is slightly further up after Rawang). The house was on top of a hill, Wootza! So I get a chance to breathe in fresh air and also enjoy the cool breeze of the hills... *ahhhh, feels relieved* My mind felt even clearer being there..

Unfortunately, since it was a friend of my mum's, I was a little reluctant on snapping pictures 'cause it seemed a little awkward for them (when I took out my camera, you could see their faces O_O).. So I only managed to snap pictures for the other half of the time T_T Oh well, the ones I took weren't too bad either.. =)

They had space for mini garden..
This is only one of the many!

A nice spot to relax when reading,
or just simply resting under the shade..

I was kinda afraid and confused when I first saw her.
Afraid 'cause of it stance:
it looked like wanted to pounce at me!
Confused 'cause of religion belief:
I always thought that muslim's cannot have dogs around,
but apparently they can,
just that they MUST wash their hands once
in contact with the dog's saliva..
(ooo.. new info to me xD)

Turns out, she was a friendly dog.
Very playful too!

Ermm, just for fun.. ^_^

That's only a portion of the view I saw..
When the clouds are lesser and clearer,
I could even see Genting Highlands from there..
that info was told by the residents there..

Sorry there weren't pictures of the Raya food and decorations.. However, before leaving the place I managed to snap something that was kinda significant to the Raya Festival.. xD

So that was Raya Visit from me. Sincere wishes of Selamat Hari Raya to all my fellow muslim and non-muslim friends. Have a wondrous season of festive!


  1. Oh wow!
    they got a dog?..thats like..confusing~
    im not really good at this religious thing but..
    i think la...we can have a dog as a pet...but it is not advised to do so...

    not sure whther im rite or wrong tho~
    and nice pix!

  2. yea.. quite..
    me was confused at first,
    but after the adults explained,
    i think i sorta get it..

    thx for the complimentrs.. =P

  3. nice place! i'm gonna get my 2nd home over there soon...

  4. Oh..Really? That's great!
    Definitely better air and living over there.. How I wish I could shift there too..