Thursday, October 02, 2008


I decided to post about the dear Missschelle aka Michelle... Why? How come? Well due to her request on for some pictures.. I believe that it would only be fair that I fulfilled them now, after a long period of delaying.. *sorry boss!*

I know what she actually wanted..

So here you go,
your pictures.. ^__^
Nicely done...
Please don't blame me if they're not nice..
These pictures were only snapped in less than 2 minutes..
(that includes the process of asking her to pose)
You can't possibly expect a professional like picture..

pose #1

pose #2

I have the originals with me..
Let me know if you want them..


  1. zzz
    y u post my 'siao' pics ler???
    all so ugly i dunit find rich man son dy lo???

    i malas wanna write post of waihong bday ler manyb i link them straight to u...

    see me so good!!!

  2. hahaha.. testing ma..
    dun worry la, no one rich man here..

    yes la i know ur so good..
    <3 <3