Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous!

Watch a movie last Saturday, and it was Bangkok Dangerous...

A short run-through on the movie.. Bangkok Dangerous starring Nicholas Cage as Joe, a hitman who's doing what hitmans do best. Being a professional hitman, he has his own principles and rules (You have find out what the rules are by watching the movie *winks*). Upon completion of his previous task, he was given the last job in Bangkok (Duh, it's called Bangkok Dangerous) before he can finally retire (or so). Somehow, things don't remain the same every time. There's gotta be some up and downs which no one can avoid, and that's where Dangerous comes into the scene..

Alright, the movie is supposingly an action-packed movie, however, I guess the director decided to have a little humor in it, just to make things more interesting..

Here's a scene on the negotiation of salary
between assistant-to-be and the boss.
It's really funny, definitely have to see this part..

This is the serious part..
Bang, bang, and Blood!

Apart from that, there's also some romance involve.. Well I guess almost every movie available in the market has this element.. Can't run away from it though.. That's why, it is said, LOVE IS BLIND! (It'll hit you where you can't see it?)

Joe falls in love at first sight when he saw Fon(Charlie Yeung)

What I like about the movie?
Interesting storyline, with an interesting combination of some comedy, a whole lot of action-pack (gun-shooting) and some romance in it. I like the idea a lot. Looks realistic enough. Unexpected ending (a plus point).

What I don't like about the movie?
Well there's nothing much to not like about the movie.. It's good, just that, by time you look at the poster, you know what the movie is all about - guns, bikes, cars, babes, bullets.. Though it is called Bangkok Dangerous, the movie wasn't really intense (was kinda slow going) unlike Die Hard 4.0. In fact, the main cast himself doesn't seem to appear to be hurt much (or maybe the character was to be a VERY professional hitman, that's why).

My ratings: 8.5 of 10 for action-pack
Good movie, though it's a little predictable..


  1. good for yah..can't wait to have that on dvd...chow!

  2. Hehe.. great..
    well this movie is ok.. *winks*