Friday, October 17, 2008

Some things that I learnt in class this week...

Well, apart from the normal learning outcomes that my coursemates and I have achieved in class, there were some additional stuffs that we happen to learn of recently..

My Maths lecturer really cracked us up.. Check out the below:

Old Stuffs --> New Stuffs

Earthquake --> EarthQuack
"This topic is useful, for example to calculate the probability of a second earthQUACK happening not long after each other"

Jeffro thinks: What in the world??

Uncountable noun: Thunder --> Countable noun: Thunders
"You might just get a question on how to calculate the probability of 2 thunders occurring concurrently"

Jeffro thinks: HUH?? What the heck??

These are two new major lessons of the week! lol xD


  1. ^_^ Have you seen any earthQUACK's lately?

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  3. thx for the compliments.. will add ya shortly.. *winks*