Sunday, October 05, 2008


I'm pretty sure many people have heard of Twitter. To those don't know what Twitter is, I'll just briefly explain it. Twitter is a social networking and mini blogging service that allows anyone that uses it to do instant messaging with limited length of text (≈140 characters). In terms of social networking, updates of messages can be seen by everyone you're linked to. In terms of mini blogging, well it allow users to blog up short messages, for example, current situation, current status, current location, current event, etc. Also, Twitter can be used in a way that friends can leave a message for another so that they can see them the moment they're on it.

In short, Twitter answers the frequent question: What are you doing?

All that are needed:
#1 register yourself (and your blog, if you have),
#2 add/find your friends, and
#3 start writing.

There is the mobile version of Twitter, normally for those who are in need of quick access and quick post

It's easy to use, simple interface and it's FREE!

I've seen so many of my friends using it, so recently I decided to use it for myself, and hey it's really good *thumbs-up!* but to make it better, I gotta start adding friends into it. Not only I can write short messages, I can follow any of my friends messages.. Then I wouldn't be left out.. *winks* =P

Find out more about Twitter.

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