Sunday, August 31, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 08 (MIFC) @ Putrajaya - Part I

It's kinda long, so I thought of splitting it into two post =P

Was invited by Schmae
[Note: not her real name.. LOL] together with Aaron, ChungLern, and Stephanie. Fun time together with them. Seriously can LMAO with them. It's random.

Firstly, met ChungLern at APIIT, then met the rest at Steph's place, where we witness LIVE DOGGIE PORN - Doggie Style. LOL. I can still recall one of the dog's name called Milo. Okies... Nuff' of Doggie Porn (duwanna get yal aroused with it)

Try guessing where this pictures are from..

Then, we took off heading towards Putrajaya, and crap the whole journey. Oh btw, Please yal, GO GRAB A Seventeen's Magazine - the latest issue, NOW! You'll know why when you get it.

In Aaron's car

Schmae with the cute looks xD

Tersasar ady, but still nice.. *winks*

Try guessing who's holding the camera?
Hint: The person controlling the wheels.

We saw it!
ULO (Unidentified Landed Object) LIVE!!

Yours Truly... *Winks*

We arrived there EARLY and ChungLern was wondering WTF we're gonna do for the next freaking 4 hours there - the event was gonna start off at 10pm. So what else could we do? 5 people, 4 cameras, 1 place with nice scenery. You give it a thought.

At Putrajaya

So many bags kan?

This is beginning to seem like a documentary... LOL

Steph lying around, just enjoying the sun..
Heheheh xD

I took this shot, and the sampan ferry/boat
was more than 500m away..
Yesh, I know.. My cam is so COOL!
Awesome! *muackks to my camera*

Continue in next post...

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