Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stepping in the world of Photography...

Inspired by photographer friends,
and also it has been an interest since young,

I decided to join them;
learning to view things from different angle,

capturing each moment,
illustrate memories that tells you many stories,

and to ascertain my potential in photography.

1 is the beginning

my first step into photography

People tell me that is its name..

Seriously I'm dumbfounded when it comes to flowers..
(I didn't even know our national flower is the hibiscus,
until friend knocked me on the head told me)

1, 2, Tree!

Looking up on the count of 3...
(looks tall ei? Seriously it was only my height)

When the going gets tough, Take a Nap!

Running around with no absolute direction
ends up at a spot of exhaustion
(had to wait till they became tired, made me tired also)

2 birds, together at One place

Flying, landing, chirping and "walking" together

A Bug's Life

Working non-stop, even if it means
being driven up the wall~!
(nearly got bitten by them, they thought i was the enemy)


Hit, return, hit again, return again...
Shuttlecock keeps getting higher until
it touches on the ground..


Each one leading to different conclusion
(trust me, I know this, it nearly fell apart...)
*wasn't me, winks*

Bird down the rail

Nowhere to go,
all it sees is just up ahead..

*Mr.Lonely song plays in the background*

Sunset and clouds

Showing the hopes of tomorrow..
No matter how "cloudy" it can be,
the "path of the light" will not be impeded..

Feel free to comment on my pictures..
Bad or good, I'll take it as a compliment to improve further..


  1. i like the shot of the ants and the sunset. it's interesting how different the sky looks like in the different time of the day...

  2. ^_^ i like the sunset too..

  3. Hey!

    My personal favourites are also the ants and the sun!

    How on EARTH did you look into it without getting your eyes dried up into dates?! Hahaha and I love the circle of light in the center effect thing!

    Mother Nature's got talent, you must admit that :)

  4. hahaha..
    the sunset is now my lappie's background.. ^_^

    well thx to the new camera!
    it's kinda stressful to wait for the clouds to be in that position.. but it's worth it!