Thursday, September 17, 2009


There's so much I wanna share out, but so little time for me...
Have lotsa stuffs unsorted, lotsa promises still unfulfilled...
(no i hardly break promises, i only postpone them xD)

Sorry if I haven't been able to pay much attention,
or focus much on my friends, am doing my best..
Will try to be better

Am working at the moment, but only this week.
So, won't be able to entertain anyone much
except for late nights.
That is if I'm not too tired.
Again sorry, if I wasn't there all the time..
Wish I could split myself to many bits to be there,
for all who needed me at these times.

Really gotta go now, time's running short.
Work's in the morning, am freakishly tired.
Hectic life, tight schedule, big plans.
See yal soon.

NOTE: Will share out what I did previously, very soon..
Be patient ya! =)

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