Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Final Destination Screening N' Yam Cha!

Alright it's time, for me to write in as well. Before continuing further, I would like to firstly say, that the following pictures will be credited according to their watermarks, none of the pictures were mine. I'm only referencing them. =P The movie's last night, where a bunch of us friends were there for the screening, cool!

I got a few questions asked on the screening, like "Who was my date?" or "Who am I bringing?", (tell ya, it's an interesting question coz it's hard for me to find a companion for an event, and it's only after manys trials, I would get one) and well for last night, the guest was PamSong. Luckily, she was free, and she had defied and broke the chain.. =P I was lucky also, that she didn't get mad at me, 'cause it seems like I was always giving her last minute notice.. (sorry Pam)

Alright, onto the show, well we all were there an hour before the screenings, and decided to have our dinner at McD's since there's a buka puasa promotion. It's cheaper and there's refillable drinks, so why not?

A couple of pictures of us during our quick dinner... =D

People who were there at dinner:
Me, PamSong, WenPink, Samuel, Suresh, Bernard & YennieDoll,
JessTan, Nigel and GF.

So what's after dinner? MOVIE!

Headed to the Nuffnang booth to collect our tickets..
Hang around, while waiting for others to arrive as well..
and... *drum rolls*

A picture with Zoe!
Left guy: JosephLee
Right guy: Duh, ME!

[Left to right, top to bottom]
JoshuaLaw, Alex, Me, Nigel, ChrisTock,
Suresh, JessTan, Jacquelyn

The peeps!
(apologies, there's too many to list out,
you guys know who you are... xD)

Us walking into the movie hall...

Wait!! What are we watching again??

Final Destination 4! Yesh!

The movie's okay.. I'll review on that later on.. Howvever we did not watched the movie in 3D, just normal screens only.. Gruesome and gory, that's what FD spells out to the audience.. Pam who was sitting next to me, knows it best~! Don't 'cha, Pam? *grins*

Mr Cow (or known as Moo) was Pam's loyal companion through out the night..

Alright I shall not further elaborate on this matter,
otherwise, I might just be on the obituary section
of tomorrow's newspaper... *gulps*
P.s: She had the killer look saying "I KILL YOU" when
I tried to take Moo away..

Nuff' said, let's move on people.. =D

So what's after the movies?
Pictures and Yamcha!

A big group picture!

A close up for some of us..
(OMG! what am i doing??)

Then we went for YamCha at Banana Leaf, Center Point...

Meeting Shaz there!

So that's all for the screening from me!
Stay tuned for the movie review.. =D

Nameless/Non-watermarked pictures are taken from Zoe's album on facebook.
Credits of pictures goes to Sam and Jackie. Thanks man!



  2. @Jess:
    Mmg pun! Roar! failed movie.. =.="

  3. @Carson:
    *sigh* hence im giving them quite a bad review..

  4. Thank you for giving me credits. so thoughtful of you. Others don't bother to NOT TO MENTION putting their own watermark on it which just BAFFLES me.

    So.. loves!*

  5. @Zoe:
    *hugs!* You're utmost welcome.. It's just a habit of mine of acknowledging the works of others. Even I would feel pleased to have been credited.. =)

    So yeah.. THANK YOU! =D