Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Weird Emails..

You'd be surprised and probably be as pissed as I am, when it comes to receiving spam mails. And no matter how I filter them, they just keep appearing my inbox. Delete them, put them and junk, and somewhat they don't fail to appear back in my inbox. Like WTF? Leave me alone! It's rather annoying have go select unwanted emails and deleting them off the interface, because it's time consuming especially when I don't check my mail for a few days, and suddenly when I'm back, voila! *BOOM* A load bunch of spams! =__=" So not cool!

See this!

Some foreign dick, is awaiting me...
Ooo.. Now I'm scared... O_O


  1. Hey me to man
    They are real
    weird i got one
    email that said
    that msn got
    cancelled.Rubbish hey!!

    Nice blog

  2. heyya.. thanks! :D
    no worries, just ignore them.. :D