Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Morning, I'm Going to Penang

Yeap Good Morning people!

If your watch or clock tells u it's 7.30am,
well I'm on my way now to Penang! =D

Am gonna be backpacking, and randomly
visiting places, eating food and stuffs..
That's right, I've not planned much..
The adventure would start off the moment
I'm at Penang

So yeah, Have FUN people! =D


  1. wah.. u so geng arr... but i also going pangkor island on 2molo... hehe!

  2. @Allen:
    LOL yeah.. was a quick decision to go up.. :D hehe.. cool! u too eh? where to?

    btw, if there's anywhere fun, call me 0173281887, i wanna join.. if i could.. :D

  3. aww.. too bad i'm nt ard Penang, else can bring u around for good food... hehe.. nt forgetting the Poh piah.. LOL

  4. @SinYee:
    awww.. it's okay.. I had a great time there.. :D hehehe