Sunday, September 27, 2009

Penang Trip.. Alas... [Part II]

From Part I,

Woke up on the 2nd day, and breakfast was already prepared for me
by friend's family... Man, I'm lucky...
Not only the accommodation, but free breakfast too.. =P

A mini rice dumpling.. =D
that had a sweet filling on the inside.. nice!

Went to Penang by noon..
Why so late? Ken had tuition earlier.. =)
So took a picture of the bridge...
This is one of the reasons why I love my BabyShanon..

Another view of Penang bridge, mid way...

The trip for the day was to go up the Penang Hill
aka Bukit Bendera...
But on the way there, I saw...

No it's not a restaurant.. it's called
"Sports Rim Auto", I think you know what's it about by now.

Shots taken on the way to Penang Hill..
Only way for visitors to go up there, is to take a ride on the cable tram..
Great view on the way up, but too little a space for a guy like me..
Could hardly move around in it..

A picture of AhBuu, Ken, and I
we're in the cable tram.. =D

Finally after 10-15 minutes ride,
We're finally at the top of the hill!
Check out the view!
Seriously if it's even possible I'd like to stay up here for a day or two
as a getaway from the busy life of town..

Took out my sniper scope, and aim right at Penang bridge..
Looked through the lens of a telescope that was available there..

These looks like Penang trees.. hahaha.. I think..
Not so sure about it though..

AhBoo with a cool Buddha pose..
and me with the cool me pose.. =P

A few pictures of us, here and there.. =D

A small little temple at the hill..
Quite boring though, nothing's inside, and no one's around..
I think it's deserted.
maybe haunted =P

After a while at the hill, we decided we wanna head down
to grab some munch, the walking (okay, not much of a walking,
but still walking la k? *blek) was a lot of exercise...

On the way down, AhBoo decided to pay a visit to the bird park...

To my amaze, I think the blue parrot's a circus bird...
it does so many tricks...

Check the rest out!

Showing off claws, beaks, and they sniff each other's butts
like how dogs do? O_O

Ooo.. I particularly like this "guy", his hair sticks up to attract attention..

So where were all those action-birds from?
Bellevue Aviary Garden!

AhBoo on me again, on the way down hill..

I decide to make a stop, to take a picture
of myself with the Penang view.. =D

And off we head back down to the grounds,
in search of food...
Was introduced to this!

Faiz Burger One Stop Shop!
Allocated in front of Gurney Plaza

Known for it's Burger Kambing.. Delicious!
I had Burger Kambing, with egg and cheese..
Mmm Yummmmeeeey~~

Right after that wonder meal, and then it was time to head back!
Ken suggested we go by ferry, since we came by bridge.. =D

The cars around me! Haha..
Everyone who's not in a rush, likes the ferry! =P

As the dusk falls, the view was perfect.. The color of the sky..
Gosh I haven't seen that in KL for such a long time..

I think this is the best so far.. I even set this as my background
on my laptop's background.. =D
Tell me if you don't like it.. =(

Tried out some low shutters...
Wasn't perfect, but it turned out alright for me.. =)

Alright the last shot of the sea, since it's turning awfully dark..

So where's the next stop right after we landed?
Dinner time with the family! =D

at the Nothern Coaster Seafood
sorry I felt asleep in the car, I don't really remember where it was..

I'm bad at names.. I don't know what the food are called..
That's why I take pictures instead.. =P
I just generalize, there's toufu, there's greens, fish and chicken..

After dinner, I took a picture with the family.. =D
That was a great day spent..
Had fun, though tiring, was a splendid day indeed!

Alright so that's all for Part II...
For those of you who's questions are still not answered just yet..
Follow up in Part III k? =D
Sorry, though it's only 3D2N, it's kinda lengthy...
Imagine what 1W would do?? O_O

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