Monday, September 28, 2009

Penang Trip.. Alas... [Part III]

From Part II,

Alright friends, pals, buddies... I'm about to introduce to you
my girlfriend good friend from Penang...
A great girl, I must say... and for that..
of course there's a need for the suspense ma.. LOL
Don't play play k? I got a girlfriend friend from Penang...
(okay okay, cannot simply claim that, later will get chopped by
her boyfriend and family *gulps*)

Me and June!
*coughs* in her room *coughs*
LOL, nah, we only had chats and stuffs..

Enough of that, let's move on...
The 3rd day, in which is the last day of the trip,
the family decided to bring me for dimsum..
Woke up early morning say about 7am for this..

We ordered alot!

[left] I LOVE THIS.. but it's a lil sticky, from the yam..
[right] NOOooo.. that's not ours, it's actually from the counter..
I'd make the family go broke if we had them all.. LOL

Then Look up the sky! Is that superman?
LOL I actually said it upside down coz it's exactly what's it suppose to be
when you wanna say it, "is that a bird?"
It's BIRDS actually..

But I made it look like dust and dirt in the sky.. T_T
epic fail man!

After breakfast, head home.. chill out...
and pui kia (translate: chubby kid) AhBoo was watching TV
I joined him, disturbed him a little, and

Ka-Ching! Photo taken! =P

My trip back to KL was at 4.30pm...
and Uncle thought I oughta see and experience something neat
before leaving Penang..

It was the hungry ghost festival... in Penang...

And to my luck, there's a lot of people...

Not to mention, plenty of Booze to go around! =P

This was my lunch before I left Penang..
Sat in a nearby cafe/restaurant, whilst eating the food from the feast..
Alright, look on the left, and be surprise..
Jeffro Ong's taking on spicy food weih~~ =P

But I had 5 glass of thick orange juice to cover up all those spiciness
You're thinking, "where all the booze go? where's Jeffro's share?"
Well, Im a good boy.. *winks*
I prefer the orange juice instead..
Beer and those food, doesn't mix well for me..

I was wondering why there's hardly any waiter around the cafe/restaurant..
It's cause of this.. The water boils on its own.. =)

Took a peek out the place, and i saw the performers making their
preparation for later's performance.. =)
I think there's gonna be a chinese soap opera later..
but too bad, I won't be around to witness it.. =(

meanwhile looking at the jawstick, it reminds me of how little time
I have around here in Penang...
Kinda sad knowing that I'm about to leave the place..
and I wanna spend more time around....
Right after that, I headed back down to KL..

So yes, that's all.. Finally *phew*
That's Penang Trip from me! =)

Jeffro saying Toodles to yal from Penang!

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