Friday, September 04, 2009

Firefox 3.5.2 Not Stable in Windows 7

I had this error popping up like 20 plus times in a day...
DAMN suey/sway/swey I tell you..

Some friends of mine using Windows 7 are facing the same problem
Gosh, Windows 7 is still not stable...

Psst... If you're a gamer, you'd probably noticed that your game shuts down once in a while, out of a sudden, this is due to Windows 7 not having the necessary libraries for the games, or the game is still not yet compatible with Windows 7



  1. @Cedric:
    well Macs are best on Mac machines.. and using mac on non-mac machines kinda sux..

    btw.. im quite a mactard if im one a mac.. :P

  2. Wakakaka.. use Windows 7 Ultimate then no problem... :P

  3. @Thomas:
    LOL am using that, in fact, i've used all version.. makes no difference.. it's not stable.. =(