Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I Gotz Me a Hair Cut!

Wootza! It's been a while since I last cut my hair, say about 4 months plus? Yes, I know some people say "Like what the hell yo, your hair's still short!" or "What the.. After so long??!!"... Yeap, it's cause I cut my hair after each semester. So this time, it's long semester, so that's how long it takes, LOL.

Behold! The before and after hair cut!

Well, to answer those questions earlier..
I have curly hair as seen on the left picture,
Actual length is down to my nose, but since it's curly, it looks short..
I'll miss those curls.. (LOL, wtf, sounds gay.. =P)

So there you have it, me and my new hair cut!

So what say you? Nice?

P.s: Shaz couldn't recognize me, without my cap from MistClub, and said that it was because of my hair.. Alright SHAZ, try and see whether you can recognize me after this.. =P


  1. Wah! Jeffro leng chai jor wor! lol oops u are leng chai b4 and after =P

  2. @Joshua:
    haha.. thanks man! =D
    well wished i could keep longer la, but seeing that my hair is the thick and curly type, cant do that..

    so might as well stick back to good ol short hair.. =D