Thursday, September 10, 2009

Samsung 2View Product Launching

Samsung had a conference for their product launching last Tuesday for these products, and I was one of lucky bloggers to be invited to witness the launching, thanks to Samsung and also Shaz. The launching was for the latest two innovations, the ST550/ST500 with the dual LCDs and the ST1000 with wireless enabled. Alrighty then, from here on, will let my pictures do the talking =D

Venue: The Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley City
Date: 8 September 2009
Time: 1.30pm

A goodie bag given along for the conference, right after registration

Few of the models for the new Samsung cameras

JoshuaLaw, Alex, Jacquelyn and Joseph
deciding to join in the fun too! :D

After registration, all of us head into the conference hall,
for the introduction of the new cameras

Mr. Yoon Ki Heung, president of Samsung Malaysia Electronics,
giving his speech whilst doing the honor of presenting to us,
Samsung's newest innovation.

Moments later, it was time to officiate the launching!
the president demonstrated it with a single tap on the front LCD,
(as how it was done on the real ST550 or ST500 to initiate it)
and the countdown begin, 3..2..1..

Ka-CHING! Picture captured!
(as the lens opened)

These had nothing much to do, but I find it interesting...
It's just camera people snapping the model =D

Then it was time for an official picture of the leaders in Samsung

Now it's the real demonstration of the ST550, ST500 and ST1000

We didn't lose out as well, we had a shot at it... *grins*

After product demonstration, it was media Q&A session

So that's all for now...
Will be back with more of the new samsung cameras..

And this is Jeffro, signing off!

Catch ya later on people!

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