Friday, September 11, 2009

Ugly Truth Screenings by Sony Pictures Malaysia

Last Tuesday, was given the opportunity for a premier screening of the Ugly Truth. All thanks to Sony Pictures Malaysia, Kellster, and Joshuaongys for the tickets. Was given a pair of invitations, so I invited my pet-sis along. The movie was SUPERBLY AWESOME, I tell ya. It's an unexpected yet exceeding anyone's expectation of a movie. Alright, without further ado, I shall allow the pictures to tell ya what's going on back Tuesday

Had dinner with the bunch at Station Kopitiam.
If you noticed, [Left] I'm actually having McD's... *grins*
[Right] Suresh, Samantha, Alex, Me, My pet-sis

HsuJen and Kellster at the booth

Ren and sister...
OMG they look so alike...
Maybe they're twins?
The smile, the eyes.. COOL!

This is us! We are bloggers!

Will be back for the review of the ugly truth later on

Sorry for the very very brief post on this..
Going to penang in some hours time..
see ya!

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