Monday, September 21, 2009

FGA Performance: Joseph The Overcomer

Back 2 weeks ago, I was invited to watch a performance done by FGA Church members. Wasn't my style to be going to church, but since I had an invitation to a performance that was one of a kind and I had no other plans that night, I might as well attend it. The show was good, but if you asked me it wasn't as great as the previous one, Paroimia. But anyways, it was still good. I'll show you some parts of the scenes of which I manage to snap pictures of.. =)

A quick peek at how what's to be expected.. =)
Oh yeah, this is Joseph...

This story is about Joseph, an individual who was so very faithful to God, and had never once given up hope on God. Having himself believing in the power of the lord, he went through all the good and bad times, luxury and tough times. The story tells us that we should always have faith and believe in the almighty God no matter what, and that He will guide and provide us a better life in the end.

Alright, let the pictures below explain the story further

The guy on the left in red, that's Joseph's father.
This is before Joseph was born, and they were awaiting his arrival..

The guys around Joseph's father, are Joseph's brothers.

But things started changing, when Joseph was given a colorful robe
instead of the other brothers.
Why? Well Joseph, was told to take care of the herds and all,
and so he did. When his brothers were slacking,
he did their work, and reported them to his father.
With that, Joseph was eventually awarded that special robe.
One day, Joseph told his father, that he had a dream
he will be ruler of a land,
and that everyone will bow down to him.

So the story goes on, jealousy came into picture.
And soon, Joseph was casted away by his brothers.

Joseph was found in a foreign land and was thrown into jail
(don't ask me why)
But he was still steady, he did his part, and was soon promoted to
the jail supervisor.. And again, trouble came to him.
The warden's wife was horny, and she wanted Joseph
to please her. When Joseph declined,
she made up a story of Joseph had sexually harassed her.
So, once again, Joseph was thrown into the jail
but this time around, he time was tougher than before...

Even with that, it did not shatter his spirit and faith in God.
Joseph continues on with his live..
(in this picture, he's actually singing out his heart)

And one fine day, his chance came...
A chance to turn his life around..

The king of Egypt was looking for an interpreter for his dreams.
He looked all over the kingdom, but couldn't find anyone,
until he heard of Joseph's name and his ability to read dreams.

And so Joseph did, for that he was rewarded
a position as advisor and also a beautiful wife to serve him..

Not long after that, he was able to fulfill his dreams..
the one he mentioned to his father..
Bringing his whole family to Egypt to live a better life..

That's pretty much about it..
I know I suck at re-telling an hour's worth of story in just 10 mins
So sorry...

But I think the crowd love it.. =P

Many had their attention focused on the performance..

So I guess that's all from me on the FGA's performance..
Over and out! =)