Sunday, September 27, 2009

Penang Trip.. Alas... [Part I]

Alright, it's been a while eversince I mentioned about my trip to Penang.. *grins* I know I somewhat resemble our Internet services.. but cut me some slack will ya? Have been enjoying myself lately that I kinda put things aside.. *smiles*

This time around when I went up there, was to fulfill a promise I made with a girl, a good friend of mine, about 1 year or two ago. Yeap, it took that long eh? But I'm a Malaysian too, going by the "Biar lambat, asalkan selamat" (translate: let it late, as long as it's safe).. LOL

Left KL at 7.45am and it was a 4-5 hours trip to Penang
Reached Sg. Nibong by 12.30pm, and that's
where my plan for Penang started...
How come? Cos I hadn't plan anything..
If I did, it wouldn't be as fun as a last minute planning..

From the bus station, I just pointed out to a building
north east from my direction.. not knowing what building it was..
And I started walking.. Up the small fly over, and towards
the building behind that one shown on the right =P

On the way to that building, I saw a IT shop claiming to be
the largest chain store in northern region..
Went in, and was so bored, coz the shop
Walked out of the shop and what did I hear?
A plane flying above and in that instance,
I took a quick snap of it! Wootza!

And where did I eventually walked to?
Haha, immediately called up my mum and a few friends,
and they said I was crazy.. LOL

The walk was tiring, I went in the mall,
and I saw...

Yes, McDonald's
No wonder it's doing so well,
go to the mall, and it's the first thing I saw that attracted me
just by looking around randomly!

Had myself a nice cool ice cream.. =D
then I walked around.. and saw Haagen Daaz..
Dang, food sure is tempting.. =P
I was surely getting hungry!

Walked around in look for food...
And I saw something that caught my eyes again..

Muahaha! Sushi King's Big Bowl Challenge!
I was super hungry then.. so thought I might as well give it a try!
Damn random.. =P
Sign up for the challenge, without hesitation..
On the right is signing my death certificate in the event I didn't survive it..

Ordered a Big Bowl Noodle Soba..
The challenge is to completely finish everything in that bowl
without leaving a drop behind, in 10 minutes..
(in case if some of you might ask, NO! it only applies to edible stuffs)

That was how big the bowl is..
And how I look when I started the challenge
The waiter who took the picture was epic laughing at me..
Probably saying "what a dumbass" (=.=")

[left] that was after 10 minutes of trying...
[right] I kiasu (translate: scared of losing) asked for another 5 mins
and it didn't show much of a difference *sobs*

The same waiter wrote it..
"can't finish" while smiling.. wtf

This is the number of people who tried..
I was the +1, damnit!

I tak puas hati (translate: not satisfied) and I needed
to release and get it out of my system... So...

I went and shoot the heads out of people..
[right] that's how I look when I wanna shoot the crap out of you..

Then my friend's brother (Ken) came to pick me up..
So it was time to leave Queensbay,
and head back to my "second home" in Butterworth..
Happened to snap a quick shot a the bridge from a small side view..

Was at "home" and I tak tau malu (translate: shameless)
decided to make myself at home.. *grins*
relax at the sofa, watching the big arse LCD TV..

Before I end this Part I, take a good look at ME..
and my friend's little brother.. This was a few years back,
when I was very tanned.. *grins*

Will continue more in Part II
See ya!


  1. LOL. Ur expression of "i tak puas hati" was so cute!

    You still look pretty much the same to me now judging from the photo hehe..

  2. LOL! *blush* thank you! haha.. i should be the same.. :D

  3. Cute hair cut! haha..
    And I just been to Queensbay last week. I will remember the McD icecream... yum.. :D

  4. @curryegg:
    haha.. thanks! :P
    Ooo.. you went there too? My memorable moments there are ones in the sushi king.. :P